Cindy's Soap Page
I get asked "Are you the Cindy that makes the soap?" Yes, it is me here in the office making soap in my soap
studio at the Royal W Resort. My basic soap recipe includes Olive Oil  for moisturizing, Coconut Oil for a
hard bar and Lard for later. I use natural EO's essential oils made from plants and FO's for fragrance.
My soap has been taken to an oncologist to be tested to see if it was safe for delicate skin. The Doctor tested my
soap .
He gave two thumbs up for its mildness.  As a number of people who have used my soap will attest how
calming and gentle it is for your skin.

Soaps are made from lye, animal fats and/or vegetable oils and water in a process called "saponification".
Store bought soaps are generally detergents that are made from petroleum instead of fats and oils. The
handmade soaps are much better for your skin because the natural moisturizing quality of the fats and oils
are retained.   Glycerin is a natural by- product of the saponification process.  In handmade soap it is
retained in the bar at 10%. (Manufacturers of soap usually remove the glycerin to sell separately).  Glycerin
is an emollient and humectant that draws moisture from the air and holds it to the skin.

I carefully craft my soaps in small batches using food grade oils, butters, herbs, extracts and rain water or
goats milk  to assure quality and sustainability. Each bar is hand cut, air dried and cured in my soap studio.

All of my bars of soap will be approximately
4 plus ounces, with the basic ingredients of saponified oils of Olive (for moisturizing), Coconut (hardens the
bar), and Lard (for lather) plus essential fragrance oils.   All bars will be $
6.00 plus S&H  unless otherwise
or 4 for $23.00.
    Honey and Oats                                   
This soap has real honey and oatmeal in it.
Honey acts as a humectant and draws moisture to the skin.
Smells deliciously sweet.

This soap has lavender petals in it, making it smell so relaxing.

This soap has rose petals and smells just like a rose garden.

With this bright citrus smell you will be sure to wake up in the

    This soap has real rosemary in it. Smells fresh and invigorating.

Soapy Clean
Yes you will smell soapy clean with this fun confetti soap!

Lemon Verbena
This soap is made with Buttermilk, and is so creamy.
Smells of fresh clean lemons.

(I have 24 kinds of soap, call or e-mail me for a complete list)

To order
Call  417-847-2903  
or e-mail me
You will get to enjoy Cindy's Soaps  while staying in our Cabins